• 1st Ski


    1st ski 

    • I am new to skiing

    Test :

    • Becoming familiar with the equipment and snow.
    • Balance while sliding over smooth terrain on a gentle slope
    • Snowplough turn.
    • Controlling speed using a snaking trajectory.
    • Using ski lifts.

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  • 1st Degree


    1st degree (1er degré)

    • I have obtained 1st Ski level.
    • I can snowplough turn.

    Test :
    • Basic downhill descent using snowplough turns.
    • Basic traversing. 
    • Side slipping and sidestep uphill.

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  • 2nd Degree


    2nd Degree (2ème degré)

    • I have obtained 1st Degree level.
    • I can link parallel turns, with down pressure and edging.
    • Basic Godille (short fast turns).

    Test : 

    • Downhill descent using basic parallel turns.
    • Traversing.
    • Use of down pressure through edging.
    • Skating step.

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  • 3rd Degree


    3rd Degree (3ÈME DEGRÉ)

    • I have obtained 2nd Degree level.
    • I descend using basic parallel turns.
    • I accomplish both short and broad fast turns with control.

    Test :

    • Downhill descent using refined parallel turns.
    • Perfect traverse technique.
    • Broad and high-speed turns with correct vertical movement (crouch and extension).

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