Freeride ski touring

Make Progress safely and securely

Book an instructor to make progress in any type of snow, terrain or to discover the off-piste area of Formiguères ski resort. 
In powder skiing or ski touring, a mountain expert will supervise your group, and you will be equipped with all the necessary tools (shovel, probe, avalanche transceiver..) to discover safely and securely itineraries adapted to your level. 

We offer different itineraries depending on your level and snow conditions (full or half day outings available): 
  • Les Camporells 
  • Les pics des Pérics
  • Le pic de Morties
  • La vallée du Galbe
  • ...
The ESF does not insure its students!
Be sure to take out an insurance, so you are covered in case of injury!

Come and learn, with a professional of the ESF Formiguères, all about
the elementary gestures to adopt when looking for someone in an avalanche. 

How to optimise the search with your avalanche transceiver, 
probe efficiently, know the shovelling methods
and first aid techniques. 
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  • Tel : 04 68 30 96 94
Photos Credits : ©ESF Formigueres / Agence Zoom